About the Webmistress
General Information

Name: Izzie Porter
Birthdate: September 10th, 1986
Residence: United States

Hobbies: Daydreaming, dolling, gaming, sleeping, web designing, and writing.
Likes: Absurdity, All Hallows' Eve, ancient civilizations, archaeology, autumn, board games, books, cabins, Catmas, cats, Celtic music, characters, cottages, documentaries, dry humor, fairy-tales, forests, hermits, hidden object puzzle (HOP) games, hot tea, magic, mountains, movies, mythology, ornamental trinkets, role-playing games, sarcasm, science fiction, staying up late, swearing, television shows, and witches.


Sadly my precious Moot kitty passed away in 2015, and now these two furbabies have taken over my life. The Bombay is named Finnegan (Finny-Foo). The long haired Dilute Tortoiseshell is named Freckles (Boof), who is female.

Those who know me, know how very attached I was to Moot. Moot was also very attached to Moot, and no other kitty was allowed to exist in her presence. The two of us spent eight glorious years together with countless cuddles and ridiculous romps through the house. Saying goodbye to all of that was one of the most difficult things I've had to do, and still I find myself mourning her from time to time. Grief is not something that goes away, it only goes dormant.

I had first adopted Boof, and although loving she is, I sensed she was more into quadruped companionship. A year later I returned to the animal shelter and ended up adopting the "Black Death" of all the kitties present. Finny-Foo has feline herpes, and he had suffered from an upper respiratory infection which caused him to lose his appetite, resulting in a feeding tube to keep him going. Most cats already have the virus, but some have stronger immune systems and may never show signs of it. Today Finny-Foo is healthy, and never turns down a bowl of food. Boof is also quite content to have a playmate, and she doesn't even mind sharing her napping space.


Over a decade ago, I was a newcomer to a then fledgling community centered around digital dolls, or "dolling." Essentially, it's similar to designing your own paper dolls, but as small computer graphics instead. A "base" (nude template) can be used to design a doll on, much like the paper doll in its undergarment form (my bases happen to have nippies because I'm a perve). There are two different forms of dolling: pixel and tool. Although I do have a fondness for both types, tooling is my personal preference. I also prefer using a base, but dolls can be entirely baseless as well.

Some of my dolling inspirations are: Angelic Sakuras, Doll on the Hill Factory, Dreamy Endeavors, Faery Ink, Fainelloth Dolls, Josie's Dollz, Sephora Art, and Xandorra's Place. For me, Doll on the Hill Factory was a particularly strong inspiration that kept me dolling and web designing for all of these years. Ika's and Suzy's combined unique talents created a truly extraordinary website. I can still remember the excitement I felt while ogling their latest works during one of my daily visits to DHF. Their site truly was an internet gem that I shall never forget.

Web Designing

My coding knowledge is limited to basic HTML and CSS, but designing graphics is where my passion truly lies in regards to web design. In the beginning, I use Photoshop to design my layouts in a sprite-like manner, and then---using the Slice Tool---convert the images into a web usable layout. Finally, in a highly technological fashion, I code the whole bloody thing using Notepad. And then... BLAM! I upload it all to the interlywebs, and the world is a better place because of it. True story.

I love to create many details in a layout, but still make it comfortable to navigate. I love details. I'm the weirdo who enjoys observing all the overlooked background props from movie and television scenes. I, personally, think it's fun spotting the little whoopsies: a mantelpiece candle being lit at one moment, and then not lit once the camera position has changed. Yeah. One might say I'm borderline obsessive compulsive. Only borderline. >.>


Not only do I enjoy movie and television background props, but I also love characters. I especially like well-rounded characters, which is why my borderline OCDism developed character sheets for each of my own characters. Characters, characters, and characters... Just seemed like I wasn't using that word enough, so I thought I'd throw in a few more. I particularly love the close-knit cast of characters; the kind who relentlessly tease one another, but are always there for each other no matter the peril. And they always seem to preserve their sense of humor regardless of the many hardships they endure together. I think they're the types of friends whom we would all like to have.